I am a postdoctoral associate at Cornell University's PL @ Cornell group, where I work with Nate Foster and Dexter Kozen.

In 2020, completed my PhD at University College London, where I was a member of the Programming Principles, Logic and Verification group. My advisors were Alexandra Silva and Fabio Zanasi. Before that, I received an MSc in Computer Science from Leiden University.

This website collects my publications and talks, as well as the projects and teaching I'm involved in. Once in a blue moon I publish some code.

My academic interests include but are not limited to concurrency, programming languages, networks and verification.


17 Feb 2021 A preprint of Guarded Kleene Algebra with Tests: Coequations, Coinduction, and Completeness is now available on arXiv.
16 Feb 2021 A preprint of Learning Pomset Automata (to appear at FOSSACS 2021) is now available on arXiv.
12 Jan 2021 I will give a lightning talk at CPP 2021 on January 18th.
19 Nov 2020 I will give a talk at the 68NQRT Seminar of IRISA/INRIA on November 26th.
2 Nov 2020 My PhD thesis is now available online.