I am a postdoctoral associate at Cornell University's PL @ Cornell group, where I work with Nate Foster and Dexter Kozen.

In 2020, completed my PhD at University College London, where I was a member of the Programming Principles, Logic and Verification group. My advisors were Alexandra Silva and Fabio Zanasi. Before that, I received an MSc in Computer Science from Leiden University.

This website collects my publications and talks, as well as the projects and teaching I'm involved in. Once in a blue moon I publish some code.

My academic interests include but are not limited to concurrency, programming languages, networks and verification.


1 Sep 2020 I started working at Cornell!
16 Jul 2020 A preprint of Partially Observable Concurrent Kleene Algebra is now available on arXiv.
9 Jul 2020 I passed my viva (doctoral exam) with minor corrections! 🎉 A huge thanks to my supervisors, Alexandra Silva and Fabio Zanasi, my coauthors, my colleagues in the PPLV group and of course the examiners who took the time to carefully review my work.
29 Jun 2020 Partially Observable Concurrent Kleene Algebra has been accepted for presentation at CONCUR 2020.
27 Mar 2020 A revised version of Equivalence checking for weak bi-Kleene algebra is now available on arXiv.