I am an assistant professor (universitair docent) in the Department of Computer Science of the Open University of the Netherlands.

I also maintain an position as a researcher (Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow) at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation of the University of Amsterdam, working with Nick Bezhanishvili and Yde Venema on the project VERLAN.

Before that, I was a postdoctoral associate at Cornell University's PL @ Cornell group, where I worked with Nate Foster and Dexter Kozen.

In 2020, completed my PhD at University College London, where I was a member of the Programming Principles, Logic and Verification group. My advisors were Alexandra Silva and Fabio Zanasi. I received an MSc in Computer Science from Leiden University.

This website collects my publications and talks, as well as the projects and teaching I'm involved in.

My academic interests include but are not limited to concurrency, programming languages, networks and verification.


1 Mar 2023 I will be teaching a course on Kleene Algebra at ESSLLI 2023 this summer! If you're interested, please do sign up. You can check out my course notes from a similar course here.
27 Jan 2023 A Complete Inference System for Skip-free Guarded Kleene Algebra with Tests (accepted at ESOP 2023) is now available on arXiv.
22 Dec 2022 Completeness and the Finite Model Property for Kleene Algebra, Reconsidered has been accepted for publication at RAMiCS 2023, and is now available on arXiv.
24 Aug 2022 Ryan Doenges has written a nice blog post explaining our recent joint work on Leapfrog.
7 Aug 2022 I'm spending the rest of August working with various people in the PL @ Cornell group.