I'm a postgraduate student of computer science in the Programming Principles, Logic and Verification group at University College London. My supervisors are Alexandra Silva and Fabio Zanasi. I received an MSc in Computer Science from Leiden University in 2016.

This website collects my publications and talks, as well as the projects and teaching I'm involved in. Once in a blue moon I publish some code.

My academic interests include but are not limited to concurrency, programming languages, networks and verification.


17 Jan 2019 The website for LearnAut 2019 is live! Please consider submitting a paper.
3 Dec 2018 On Series-Parallel Pomset Languages, co-authored with Paul Brunet, Bas Luttik, Alexandra Silva and Fabio Zanasi got accepted for publication in J. LAMP.
27 Nov 2018 A preprint of Kleene Algebra with Observations, co-authored with Paul Brunet, Jurriaan Rot, Alexandra Silva, Jana Wagemaker and Fabio Zanasi is now available on arXiv.
5 Nov 2018 Together with Rémi Eyraud, Guillaume Rabusseau and Matteo Sammartino, I'm submitting a proposal to organise the next edition of LearnAut at LICS 2019.
27 Aug 2018 Excited to share the Best Paper Award at ICGI 2018 with Makoto Kanazawa for our paper Decision problems for Clark-congruential languages!