I'm a postgraduate student of computer science in the Programming Principles, Logic and Verification group at University College London. My supervisors are Alexandra Silva and Fabio Zanasi. I received an MSc in Computer Science from Leiden University in 2016.

This website collects my publications and talks, as well as the projects and teaching I'm involved in. Once in a blue moon I publish some code.

My academic interests include but are not limited to concurrency, programming languages, networks and verification.


23 Apr 2019 If you are an undergraduate student at UCL, I have two exciting student project opportunities available!
23 Apr 2019 A preprint of Tree Automata as Algebras: Minimisation and Determinisation, is now available on arXiv.
17 Jan 2019 The website for LearnAut 2019 is live! Please consider submitting a paper.
3 Dec 2018 On Series-Parallel Pomset Languages: Rationality, Context-Freeness and Automata has been accepted for publication in J. LAMP.
27 Nov 2018 A preprint of Kleene Algebra with Observations is now available on arXiv.